Concussion relief

“In February 2018, my 11-year old daughter incurred a concussion from falling backward, hitting her head on a concrete basement floor. We worked with our health care provider for many weeks attempting to get her back to her normal self. We were struggling with the fact that she was only able to complete half days at school, taking time away from French instruction as well as gym. She had limited screen time and was getting really frustrated with the limited activities she could do. ​

In April 2018, we attended a Cheerleading competition for my other daughter in Toronto. While staying at a hotel, we met a gentleman who overheard a conversation I was having with a parent regarding the status of my daughter suffering with her concussion. He introduced himself as being a Bowen Therapist and asked to assess her. He was attending a Bowen Therapy conference in the hotel we were staying at. I had never heard of Bowen therapy, nor did I have a clue what he was doing to her, but whatever he did took the pressure off of my daughter and within 24 hours she said she was feeling “different”. This man, who I refer to now as the Miracle Man, gave me a contact of a Bowen Therapy practitioner in the Ottawa area, and that is how I met Patricia. ​

Within 5 weeks of Patricia introducing us to Bowen Therapy and working with my daughter three times, my daughter was completely symptom free, cured of her concussion, and was attending school full-time. ​

My daughter is now horseback riding and downhill skiing, enjoying many of the activities that she did before incurring the concussion. I have recommended many friends to Patricia with her magic hands, and have complete confidence in the Bowen Therapy method for whatever problem you are dealing with.

I continue to be amazed and so thankful for the results of Bowen Therapy and Patricia Gervais for her amazing delivery of this method.” CT

Back pain

Email from a new client the evening of her first appointment. She injured her back four days earlier and was unable to work because of the pain:

“I can’t believe the difference the Bowen session has made. I don’t have the sharp pain getting up from a sitting position and walking doesn’t have the same intense pressure on my lower back. I laid down when I got home and had such a deep sleep (2-hour nap) that I didn’t even hear that someone had been ringing the door bell repeatedly!” NS

“When I first saw the words “Bowen Therapy”, I had no idea what they meant. So I asked, and was totally intrigued by the concept. As I had a nagging, recurring pulled muscle in my back I thought I would try it. After three treatments the muscle was definitely much better and during that time I continued to golf, which had originally caused the problem. After a couple more treatments, I can say that the problem is gone. Now we are working on the carpel tunnel in my right hand.

This is the best hour of relaxation, and a wonderful healing process at the same time. Who would ever have thought one could heal by the slightest touch? I recommend it to anyone and everyone.” MG

Neck and Shoulder Pain

“I am a mother, wife and career woman in my 40’s. I tend to carry my stress in my neck and shoulders and had been suffering from neck and shoulder pain pretty consistently for more than 6 months. Although yoga, relaxation techniques and exercise helped me in other areas, I couldn’t shake off the tension and pain I felt in my neck and shoulders.

I started Bowen therapy in 2014 and had a total of five treatments. My pain subsided/dulled after the first two, and after the fifth treatment, and still now (Aug 2015) I seem to no longer be carrying tension/pain in my neck and shoulders. This has been a great relief - my shoulders now sit further back and my posture has improved. I also have not had tension accumulate back in these areas.

I can truly say that the therapy has ’re-trained' my muscle alignment.” JF

“I consulted Patricia for a recurring pain in my right shoulder blade. No matter what I did, I could not get rid of it. After three Bowen Therapy sessions, the pain was gone! It was such a soft and relaxing treatment. I love that the practitioner leaves the room for short breaks during the treatment to give the client all the space necessary to heal and integrate. I would definitely recommend Patricia and Bowen Therapy for those who seek a way of healing in harmony with the body’s rhythm.” MPC

“I started Bowen Therapy because of a sore shoulder and a general feeling of unwell. After the first treatment I left feeling relaxed and very calm. After a few sessions the shoulder pain had decreased significantly. After a few more sessions the pain was gone and hasn’t returned. I found the sessions very gentle and calming and always left feeling better than when I arrived, both in mind and body. I also suffer from insomnia and discovered the added benefit in the change in my sleep. I was able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. I always felt more refreshed in the morning. This also helped with my general feeling of unwell. When you sleep better you feel better. I really like the gentle ways of Bowen Therapy and would recommend it to anyone.” SE

“For several months, I had been living in pain due to a rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder. Time had not healed my injury as I had hoped. When I had reached the point of tears when putting on a shirt, sweater or jacket, I decided to visit Patricia in an effort to avoid pain medication and the very likelihood of drastic measures such as surgery. After obtaining my complete history, Patricia thoroughly explained the Bowen Technique and during each of my treatments she was attentive to ensure that I was comfortable and relaxed. After about the third treatment, I was thrilled to discover that my range of motion had increased and my pain was no longer excruciating. In addition to my treatments, Patricia provided me with shoulder exercises and stretches to work on at home. I am thrilled that I have been able to maintain my shoulder strength and flexibility and I that I am back doing the activities I enjoy.

I was so pleased with my own results that I asked Patricia to work with my young (arthritic) daughter who was experiencing nighttime and early morning pain in her joints. Patricia’s treatments, as well as her calm and relaxing approach, allowed my daughter to experience a restful and full night’s sleep without drug intervention. My daughter enjoyed her sessions with Patricia so much that she has asked several times to return! Even at an early age, my daughter has recognized that Bowen Therapy eases both her pain and anxiety.” AF


“I really look forward to my monthly Bowen appointments with Patricia. Her welcoming environment and one-on-one private consultation ensures that I receive a productive treatment tailored to meet my immediate health needs. I highly recommend giving Bowen a try!” LR

“As soon as I walk into Patricia’s sacred space I know I am safe and about to enjoy an hour of divine healing. Immediately when resting on her healing table I go into theta energy (relaxed and in a state of somnolence with reduced consciousness) necessary for true healing for mind, body and spirit.

Everything about Patricia and her expertise, especially with Bowen Therapy, is professional and revered. We are blessed to have her and Bowen Therapy right here in Almonte.” LW